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Call for Papers: ASIEN – The German Journal on Contemporary Asia

Call for Papers: ASIEN – The German Journal on Contemporary Asia

Call for Papers : ASIEN – The German Journal on Contemporary Asia

ASIEN – The German Journal on Contemporary Asia ist eine bilinguale wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift, die vierteljährlich erscheint. ASIEN veröffentlicht wissenschaftliche Beiträge aus den Bereichen Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur zum gegenwärtigen Asien. Mit 1000 Exemplaren ist ASIEN die auflagenstärkste akademische Zeitschrift innerhalb der deutschsprachigen Asienforschung.

Jede Ausgabe enthält Artikel, die eine anonymisierte Begutachtung (double-blind peer-review) durchlaufen haben, sowie Konferenzberichte, Buchrezensionen und aktuelle Informationen über die Asienwissenschaft in Deutschland.

Die Herausgeber werden ...

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CfA: Academia Sinica Fellowship for Doctoral Candidates in the Humanities and Social Sciences (deadline: 2020-03-06)

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CfP: Situations Annual Conference 2020 (2020-05-01)

Between Asia and Europe: Whither Comparative Cultural Studies?
University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia 21-22 May, 2020

We encourage submissions that take a comparative approach to the study of texts from Asia and Europe

Possible topics include:

  • Art cinema then and now
  • Political philosophy East and West
  • Patterns of migration flow in and between Europe and Asia
  • Asian values and European traditions
  • Mysticism and spirituality in a global age
  • The reception of Westernphilosophy and literature in Asia
  • Religious violence and terrorism
  • Ethnic strife in Europe and Asia
  • The legacies of communism at the end of neoliberalism
  • Climate disruption across the continents
  • Trade routes: from theSilk Road to the Belt and Road project
  • The literatures and cultures of Eurasia
  • The legacies of theSecond World War: the Axis Powers and Asia
  • Land and sea: the changing geopoliticallandscape
  • Ruins and monuments:the persistence of antiquity
  • PanAsianism and the project of European unity
  • Nationalism and populism inEurope and Asia
  • The future of cultural and national identities
  • Espionage and culture
  • Tourist writing

Early inquiries with 200-word abstracts are appreciated, although the deadline for a 4,000-word proposal, which includes a 100-word bio statement and a 150-word abstract, is May 1 2020. All correspondence should be addressed to the Editor of Situations, Terence Murphy, at tmurphy@yonsei.ac.kr and cc’d to the Managing Editor Rhee ...

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CfP: 4th edition of the Mapping China Journal (deadline: 2020-02-17)

The double-blind peer-reviewed Mapping China Journal (founded in 2017) is announcing a General Call for Papers for all interested students and early-stage PhD researchers working on Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).

For the 2020 / 4th edition of the journal, we accept all papers on:

  • Domestic political developments in Greater China
  • China’s regional and international relations
  • Comparative studies and China/ Hong Kong/ Macau/ Taiwan

We are looking to publish political science-based original research on Greater China, but also welcome contributions from other ...

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CfA: 4 Stellen am Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin – Lise-Meitner-Forschungsgruppe „China in the Global System of Science“

1 Postdoctoral Fellow, für 3 Jahre mit Verlängerungsoption, Bewerbungsschluss 28. Februar 2020

1 Predoctoral Fellow, für 3 Jahre mit Verlängerungsoption, Bewerbungsschluss 28. Februar 2020

1 Forschungsgruppenassistenz, befristet bis März 2025, Bewerbungsschluss 28. Februar 2020

1 Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, gilt für Studierende aus dem Raum Berlin/Brandenburg, Bewerbungsschluss 17. Februar 2020

Stellenbeschreibungen und Links zum Bewerbungsportal unter: https://www.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/de/karriere .

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CfP: International Conference on Transnational Migration and Family Processes in Greater China and Beyond (Hong Kong)

This conference aims to facilitate discussion between scholars from sociology, anthropology, geography as well as neighbouring research disciplines who work on various types of transnational migration and family processes in Greater China. Papers focusing on Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, mainland China and overseas Chinese societies are particularly welcome. The expected contributions could cover the following research themes with a focus on the interplay between time, space and migration:

  1. Life transitions and transnational family migration
  2. Intergenerational family relations within transnational families
  3. Comparative cross-generational analysis
  4. Transnational migration, gender and life course
  5. Children ...
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CfP: CEF20 — Cultural Economics and Finance in Trier (June 2020)

We are happy to announce that the conference „CEF20 – Cultural Economics and Finance“ will take place in Trier from June 20 to June 22.

Cultural differences and cultural transitions play a pivotal role in economics and financial decision making. Our conference will bring together researchers from different areas to discuss these effects. The conference will include a special session about China and East Asia. Moreover, we will offer a PhD student workshop from June 19 to June 20.

Prof. Thorsten ...

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Postgraduate Research Grant for the Study of the Tainan Region, (deadline: 2020-05-31)

The grant aims to encourage M.A. and Ph.D. candidates to pursue their humanities or social sciences studies on the Tainan area. The inclusive purpose of the grant is to nourish interest in the Tainan region, to enhance knowledge about its past and present, and to open up to other localities and countries.

Applicants applying to the Tainan Research Postgraduate Grant must meet the following requirements:

  • They must either be M.A. students or Ph.D. candidates in a university or a college, in Taiwan ...
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Gisela Bonn-Preis: Deutsch-Indische Beziehungen (deadline: 2020-03-15)

Der Gisela Bonn-Preis wird jährlich für besondere Leistungen auf dem Gebiet der Deutsch-Indischen Beziehungen verliehen. Der Preis ist an kein bestimmtes Thema gebunden und deckt sowohl die politischen und ökonomischen, wie auch die kulturellen Aspekte der Beziehungen beider Staaten ab. 2020 liegt der Schwerpunkt der Ausschreibung auf den Themen Kunst und museale Gestaltung.
Dem Preisträger soll mit der Finanzierung einer zweiwöchigen Reise nach Indien, die Möglichkeit gegeben werden, seine bisherigen Studien fortzusetzen und zu vertiefen. Der Indian Council of Cultural ...

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CfP: The Sixth International Conference on Tainan Studies, 2020

Art and Material Culture in the Tainan Area
Tainan has been keen to create a dynamic around new institutions such as Tainan Art Museums I & II, the redeployed Chimei Museum, art galleries, art exhibitions, and to welcome more and more public concerts, dance and theatre performances. A number of performing arts troupes have a sustained local action. Besides, several cultural parks have established artist residencies where works of art rooted in their environment are born, accomplished by Taiwanese or ...

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CfP: Remembering Taiwan’s Martial Law (Australian National University) (deadline: 2020-02-21)

Remembering Taiwan’s Martial Law  憶起戒嚴
Australian Centre on China in the World, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Martial Law — 1947-1987 — lies at the heart of narratives shaping identities of the Taiwanese, criss-crossing foundations of contemporary society. Experiences of Martial Law are relived through expressions of individual and collective memories, through arts and literature, language and politics, and everyday minutia. These stories rush forth from historical prohibition, creating powerful connections with Taiwan’s living history and layering upon the present an ...

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