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CfP: Journal of Environmental Management (JEMA) – Special Issue: Governing synergies in pollution and carbon reduction in emerging economies


Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an Wanxin LI:


Journal of Environmental Management (JEMA)
Call for Papers

Special Issue: Governing synergies in pollution and carbon reduction in emerging economies

Guest Editors:
Wanxin Li
Associate Professor, Department of Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong

Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira
Professor, Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Brazil

In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the issue will discuss the drivers and mechanisms to collectively plan, finance and manage environmental pollution and ...

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Call for Papers: ENVIRONMENTAL ASIA – 10th Annual Nordic NIAS Council Conference and PhD Course in Oslo, Norway


The aim of this conference is to facilitate critical discussions about Asia’s environmental pathways. What interests are at stake in current environmental policies, and who represents them? How will Asian societies deal with the double-bind of economic development and environmental protection? What roles do Asian religions and philosophies play in environmental debates? How have people reacted to and coped with major environmental changes in the past, and how do they anticipate the future? By exploring these questions, the conference aspires ...

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Call for Papers: EATS Conference „Sustainable Taiwan“ in Zurich, 4—6 April 2018

The 15th Annual Conference of the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, 4-6 April 2018. The theme of the conference is „Sustainable Taiwan„. Call for papers is now open. The deadline for submission of abstracts to regular panels is 31 August 2017. The deadline for submission of abstracts to MA panels is 31 October 2017.

Please note that late submissions will not be accepted.

For detailed information, please follow this link:

2018 EATS CfP 170417

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Call for papers, Y-SASM (Young South Asia Scholars Meet) conference in Zurich 15th- 17th June 2018, deadline is 31st August 2017

The Y-SASM (Young South Asia Scholars Meet) team is pleased to invite application for its upcoming conference, to be held in Zurich from 15th- 17th June 2018.

The theme of the conference in 2018 is Claims-Making. Y-SASM provides a platform for young scholars working on South Asia to present their work and to ensue fruitful discussions and debates. The deadline for submitting the abstract is ...

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Call for Papers: „Workshop „Dialogues with Ethnography The Lived Experiences of Chinese in Africa“ (, Vienna Austria); Deadline: 15. April 2017

About the workshop
Over the past decade, scholars, and especially young scholars, have been engaged in truly multi-sited and sometimes even transregional fieldworks focusing on the everyday life experiences of Chinese individuals, families and other groups living in African countries. We would like to critically engage with, and thoroughly reflect on ethnographic research that focuses on the (re)construction of social identities, class (re)making and issues of race/ethnicity and gender, small-scale entrepreneurship, labor relations, livelihood, or the multiple meanings of migration. ...

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Call for Papers: Workshop „Chinese Urbanities – Relations between Space and Society“, Graduate School of East Asian Studies, Freie Universität Berlin, September 29—30, 2017

When we talk about urbanity, we need to engage in qualitative modes of description and analysis.  Urbanization has to be understood not only as a reconfiguration of built space, but also as a far-reaching change in its social fabric. Studies of China’s rapid urbanization during the last 30 years often emphasize its impressive quantitative aspects: The velocity of development, economic superlatives, and mega-urban areas are assumed to characterize this ‘urban revolution.’ Yet, how can we understand the shifts in the ...

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Call for papers: Special Feature on the „Chinese Social Sciences“ versus „Western Social Sciences“ debate: an epistemological account

Deadline for proposals: 1 June 2017

Guest edited by Chloé Froissart, Researcher in political sciences, French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (Hong Kong), Director of the Tsinghua University Sino-French Center in Social Sciences, Assistant Professor, University of Rennes 2. More information:


Can we speak of a “Chinese model” – or conversely a “Western model” – of the humanities and social sciences? If so, what are its underlying principles, as well as its methodological and theoretical ...

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Call for papers: Research Network Q “Asian Capitalisms”, SASE 2017 Annual Conference

University of Lyon, June 29-July 1, 2017

The Call for Papers for Research Network Q “Asian Capitalisms”, included in the SASE 2017 Annual Conference to be held in Lyon (France), next June 29-July 1, has opened.

SASE is an international, interdisciplinary organization with members in over 50 countries on five continents. The academic disciplines represented in SASE include economics, sociology, political science, organization studies, management, accounting, psychology, law, history, and philosophy ( ).

Network Q promotes theory and research ...

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50 Years DGA – Conference and Call for Papers


Deadline for abstract submission: 2017-01-15

“Asia –Transition of a World Region”
International Conference in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary
of the German Association for Asian Studies

Call for Papers

The German Association for Asian Studies (DGA) is turning 50 in 2017. During its 50 years of history, the DGA has observed, analysed, and commented on the tremendous transformations in modern Asia, in Asian–European relations, as well as in the academic ...

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5. Duisburg-Frankfurt Workshop „Institutionen in der Entwicklung Ostasiens“

8. März 2017

Der Aufstieg der Region Ostasien in der Weltwirtschaft stellt eine doppelte Herausforderung für die Sozialwissenschaften und insbesondere für die Wirtschaftswissenschaft dar: Welche theoretischen Ansätze und Methoden der Ökonomik sind geeignet, die Entwicklungen in der Region zu erfassen und zu erklären, und wie können umgekehrt besondere Facetten der dortigen Prozesse und Strukturen Hinweise auf eine Fortentwicklung wissenschaftlicher Ansätze und Methoden geben?

Seit vielen Jahren greifen drei Lehrstühle mit kongruenten Forschungsansätzen diese Fragen im Rahmen einer Workshopreihe auf: ...

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