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CfA: RCCT Short-Term Resident Fellow Programme 2019

the European Research Center on Contemporay Taiwan – A CCK Foundation Overseas Center (CCKF-ERCCT) at the University of Tübingen, Germany, wishes to direct your attention to its Short Term Resident Fellow Programme 2019, which is now open for applications until January 31, 2019..

The Short Term Resident Fellow Programme is an invitation to join the center for a period between three and six months directed at Ph.D. students or postdoctoral researchers from Europe or Taiwan. The programme offers a monthly allowance of EUR 350, basic health insurance, and a one time travel grant of EUR 500.

For further details please see:

Stefan Braig

Managing Director – European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan
– A CCK Foundation Overseas Center (CCKF-ERCCT)
Tel: +49 7071 29 72717           Fax: +49 7071 29 5733
e-mail: stefan.braig@uni-tuebingen.de