Free access to CLTT v53n3&4(2022) until March 31, 2023


Chinese Literature and Thought Today is running a free access period for the latest double-issue of Chinese Literature and Thought Today (CLTT) from now to March 31, 2023. During this period you can read and download all the essays in this issue for free.…

CLTTv53n3&4(2022) features the second part of the special section „Re-Aestheticizing Labor“ (guest-edited by Zhuoyi Wang and Ping Zhu) and „Chinese Literature and Culture in the Time of Contagion“ (guest-edited by Howard Choy). The featured scholar is Chinese philosopher Deng Xiaomang 邓晓芒.

The cover art is Ai Xiaoming’s 艾晓明 finger painting „Bird of Paradise“ (天堂鸟).