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Stellenausschreibung an der Univ. Trier (Fach Politikwissenschaft, Postdoc, Schwerpunkt Politische Ökonomie Ostasiens/Chinas) zum 01.09.2017

Es handelt sich um eine Postdoc-Stelle (100% E 13 TV-L ) im Fach Politikwissenschaft am Lehrstuhl für Regierungslehre/Politik und Wirtschaft Chinas mit Schwerpunkt Politische Ökonomie Ostasiens (vorzugsweise Chinas) befristet auf zunächst drei Jahre (mit der Möglichkeit der Verlängerung um drei weitere Jahre).

Deadline: 05.05.2017

Stellenausschreibung_U Trier Postdoc POLÖK Chinas

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Call for papers, Y-SASM (Young South Asia Scholars Meet) conference in Zurich 15th- 17th June 2018, deadline is 31st August 2017

The Y-SASM (Young South Asia Scholars Meet) team is pleased to invite application for its upcoming conference, to be held in Zurich from 15th- 17th June 2018.

The theme of the conference in 2018 is Claims-Making. Y-SASM provides a platform for young scholars working on South Asia to present their work and to ensue fruitful discussions and debates. The deadline for submitting the abstract is ...

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Department ‘Resilience and Transformation in Eurasia’ at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology is offering 2 PhD positions


The Department ‘Resilience and Transformation in Eurasia’ at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology is offering 2 PhD positions (starting 1 October 2017).

The positions are offered within the research group “Political and Economic Anthropology of Southeast Asia” and will focus on the theme of electric statemaking in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

See also https://recruitingapp-5034.de.umantis.com/Vacancies/309/Description/1

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Call for Papers: „Workshop „Dialogues with Ethnography The Lived Experiences of Chinese in Africa“ (, Vienna Austria); Deadline: 15. April 2017

About the workshop
Over the past decade, scholars, and especially young scholars, have been engaged in truly multi-sited and sometimes even transregional fieldworks focusing on the everyday life experiences of Chinese individuals, families and other groups living in African countries. We would like to critically engage with, and thoroughly reflect on ethnographic research that focuses on the (re)construction of social identities, class (re)making and issues of race/ethnicity and gender, small-scale entrepreneurship, labor relations, livelihood, or the multiple meanings of migration. ...

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Call for Papers: Workshop „Chinese Urbanities – Relations between Space and Society“, Graduate School of East Asian Studies, Freie Universität Berlin, September 29—30, 2017

When we talk about urbanity, we need to engage in qualitative modes of description and analysis.  Urbanization has to be understood not only as a reconfiguration of built space, but also as a far-reaching change in its social fabric. Studies of China’s rapid urbanization during the last 30 years often emphasize its impressive quantitative aspects: The velocity of development, economic superlatives, and mega-urban areas are assumed to characterize this ‘urban revolution.’ Yet, how can we understand the shifts in the ...

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Call for Applications: 13th EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Students

Venue: near Lisbon, Portugal (requested venue TBC)
Date: 27–30 August 2017
Project director: Dr Rein Raud
Language for applications and during the workshop: English

Application deadline: 31 March 2017

To apply please use our online application system.

The European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) invites doctoral students in all humanities and social sciences to apply for the 13th EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Students (27–30 August 2017). The workshop will take place near Lisbon, Portugal, and precede the 15th International Conference of the ...

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Call for papers: Special Feature on the „Chinese Social Sciences“ versus „Western Social Sciences“ debate: an epistemological account

Deadline for proposals: 1 June 2017

Guest edited by Chloé Froissart, Researcher in political sciences, French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (Hong Kong), Director of the Tsinghua University Sino-French Center in Social Sciences, Assistant Professor, University of Rennes 2. More information: http://www.cefc.com.hk/staff/chloe-froissart/.

Contact: chloefroissart@cefc.com.hk

Can we speak of a “Chinese model” – or conversely a “Western model” – of the humanities and social sciences? If so, what are its underlying principles, as well as its methodological and theoretical ...

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Asia – Transition of a World Region

DGA 50th Anniversary Reception 16 May 2017: Hamburg City Hall

 Academic Conference 17 May 2017: GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Neuer Jungfernstieg 21, Hamburg

Joint Workshop 18 May 2017: Hamburg Chamber of Commerce


16 May
DGA 50th Anniversary Reception at Hamburg City Hall
Welcome addresses:

Olaf Scholz (First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg)
Professor R. P. Das (Chairman of the German Association of Asian ...

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Promotionsstipendien/Doctoral stipends „Transnational Institution Building and Transnational Identities in East Asia“


Die Alliance for Research on East Asia (AREA) Ruhr schreibt acht Promotionsstipendien zum Thema „Transnational Institution Building and Transnational Identities in East Asia“ aus. Bewerbungsfrist ist der 31.03.2017.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie im nachstehenden Text und unter dem angegebenen Link.


The Alliance for Research on East Asia (AREA) Ruhr, supported by the Mercator Research Center Ruhr (MERCUR), invites applications for eight doctoral stipends to study Transnational Institution Building and Transnational Identities in East Asia.

The structured three-year doctoral programme on Transnational Institution Building ...

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Participation at the Anniversary Reception, International Conference, and Joint Workshop

Teilnahme an Festakt, internationaler Konferenz und Joint Workshop

Im Mai 2017 feiert die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Asienkunde ihr 50-jähriges Bestehen mit einem Drei-Tages-Programm. Wir hoffen, dass Sie teilnehmen werden! Bitte registrieren Sie sich für Ihre Teilnahme an den verschiedenen Verantstaltungen vom 16. bis zum 18. Mai.

Für Mitglieder (außer Sprechern und Vorsitzenden), die nach Hamburg reisen und in einem Hotel übernachten möchten, haben wir Zimmer im Motel One Hamburg-Alster (Einzelzimmer 81 EUR pro Nacht) in der Nähe der Veranstaltungsorte reserviert. Eine Buchung ...

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