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CfP: 2020 NTU International Theatre Conference

This conference is calling for papers closely related to the central theme, “the Theatre of Our Time,” and its various surrounding leitmotifs listed below:

  1. the use of technology in theatre and its aesthetics
  2. the stagecraft and design: theory and practice
  3. theatre morphology and interdisciplinary theatre studies
  4. narrative and non-narrative theatre
  5. the zeitgeist of contemporary theatre
  6. the aesthetics of contemporary theatre
  7. contemporary perspectives on traditional theatre
  8. performance and social engagement
  9. methodology and theories of theatre studies: new insights

NTU International Theatre Conference, hosted by the Department of Drama and Theatre at National Taiwan ...

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CfA: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy fellowships

Every year, the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy grants a limited number of fellowships to scholars and practitioners from outside Taiwan who wish to pursue research related to Taiwan’s democracy and human rights. The TFD divides its fellowships into four categories: Dissertation Fellowships, for PhD candidates writing their thesis; Postdoctoral Fellowships, for those who have recently received their PhD; Democracy and Human Rights Service Fellowships, for those who want to be involved in democracy and human rights projects in Taiwan; and ...

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CfA: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Taiwan Studies, Oregon State University (deadline: 2020-01-31)

The Chiu program for Taiwan studies at Oregon State University invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship for the academic year 2020-21. Based on the support from the Chun and Jane Chiu Foundation, the fellowship program is set up to support the following categories of research: 1. History of Taiwan; and 2. Projects on Taiwan in anthropology, political science, sociology, or literature with a strong historical dimension.  We especially welcome proposals on Taiwan which are developed ...

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CfA: Research position in a project on intergenerational relations and filial piety in China (deadline: 2020-01-16)

Research position in a project on intergenerational relations and filial piety in China
We are looking for a PhD researcher in the research project “civilized families” on intergenerational relations and filial piety in China funded by the German Research Association for 3 years led by Dr. Marius Meinhof at Bielefeld University.

In the last years, government propaganda and public debate in China have started to promote traditional Chinese culture. One obvious example for this is the appellation of filial piety, in ...

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CfA: Asian Capitalisms (deadline: 2020-01-10)

CfP of the Network Q „Asian Capitalisms“ for the next SASE conference in Amsterdam (July 18-20, 2020, https://sase.org/)

For the 2020 conference, the call for papers of Research Network Q is organized into five sub-themes:
1. Varieties of capitalism in Asia: State, business, and society
2. Platform capitalism in Asia: digitalization, networks, and value chains
3. The globalization of Asian economies
4. Made in Asia: innovation, entrepreneurship, and emerging sectors
5. Financial, labor, and social institutions in Asia
Our research ...

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CfA: Negotiating Agrarian Futures in China

CfA: Negotiating Agrarian Futures in China: Capital, Collectives, and Communities Guest editors: Karita Kan and René Trappel

The globalization of agricultural production and food systems has brought fundamental changes to agrarian economies around the world. While connecting rural communities to global circuits of production and distribution, the rise of corporate capital in agri-food production has increasingly come under challenge for subsuming local development needs and environmental sustainability to market-oriented agendas (Borras 2010; Burnett and Murphy 2014; McMichael 2014). In particular, the ...

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CfA: Master´s Global Studies Programme: 30.11.2019


The application deadline for the GSP class of 2020 is 30.11.2019 (online application)

The Global Studies Programme, initiated in 2001, is a two-year master’s degree programme. The main objective of the programme is to study various cultures and regions within the social sciences, focusing on the Global South. The Global Studies Programme is conducted jointly by the University of Freiburg (Germany), the University of Cape Town (South Africa), Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi, India), ...

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Förderung von Forschungsvorhaben auf dem Gebiet der Regionalstudien (area studies): 31. März 2020

Wir möchten Sie auf folgende Förderbekanntmachung des BMBF hinweisen, die am 24.09.2019 im Bundesanzeiger erschienen und ggf. für Sie von Interesse ist:

Richtlinie zur Förderung von Forschungsvorhaben auf dem Gebiet der Regionalstudien (area studies)


Antragsberechtigt sind gemäß Bekanntmachung Hochschulen, außeruniversitäre Forschungs- und Entwicklungseinrichtungen sowie andere, nicht-gewerbliche Institutionen, die Forschungsbeiträge liefern können und Zuwendungszweck und –voraussetzungen erfüllen.

Mit der Förderrichtlinie verfolgt das BMBF folgende Ziele:
– Die Regionalstudien sollen strukturell gestärkt werden, besonders an den Universitäten.
– Die Internationalisierung der Hochschulen und des ...

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Ausschreibung für Gastprofessur an der Uni Wien

Stellenausschreibungen (job offer) für zwei Gastprofessuren an der Universität Wien

Derzeit laufen zwei Ausschreibungen für Gastprofessuren für 4 Monate an dem Institut für Internationale Entwicklung in Wien. Die jeweiligen Schwerpunkten sind:

  • Regional-Geographisch/Critical Geography
  • Kulturwissenschaftlich/Intersektionalität

Die detaillierten Stellenausschreibungen sind unter folgendem Link zu finden:


Bewerbungsschluss (deadline) ist Donnerstag, der 28. November 2019.


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8th “Young Scholars Workshop” at the CCKF-ERCCT Summer 2020

歐洲當代臺灣研究中心-蔣經國基金會海外中心 將于 2020 年夏天舉辦青年精英學者研討會

 The European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan – A CCK Foundation Overseas Center at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen will hold a workshop for emerging young scholars from 28 June to 4 July, 2020. Applicants shall be Ph.D. students (3rd year and above) and postdocs and are particularly encouraged to submit proposals related to the workshop’s leading topic on „Taiwan and Security Cooperation in North East Asia „. However, submissions on other topics in the field of ...

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