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Postgraduate Research Grant for the Study of the Tainan Region, (deadline: 2020-05-31)

The grant aims to encourage M.A. and Ph.D. candidates to pursue their humanities or social sciences studies on the Tainan area. The inclusive purpose of the grant is to nourish interest in the Tainan region, to enhance knowledge about its past and present, and to open up to other localities and countries.

Applicants applying to the Tainan Research Postgraduate Grant must meet the following requirements:

  • They must either be M.A. students or Ph.D. candidates in a university or a college, in Taiwan ...
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Gisela Bonn-Preis: Deutsch-Indische Beziehungen (deadline: 2020-03-15)

Der Gisela Bonn-Preis wird jährlich für besondere Leistungen auf dem Gebiet der Deutsch-Indischen Beziehungen verliehen. Der Preis ist an kein bestimmtes Thema gebunden und deckt sowohl die politischen und ökonomischen, wie auch die kulturellen Aspekte der Beziehungen beider Staaten ab. 2020 liegt der Schwerpunkt der Ausschreibung auf den Themen Kunst und museale Gestaltung.
Dem Preisträger soll mit der Finanzierung einer zweiwöchigen Reise nach Indien, die Möglichkeit gegeben werden, seine bisherigen Studien fortzusetzen und zu vertiefen. Der Indian Council of Cultural ...

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CfP: The Sixth International Conference on Tainan Studies, 2020

Art and Material Culture in the Tainan Area
Tainan has been keen to create a dynamic around new institutions such as Tainan Art Museums I & II, the redeployed Chimei Museum, art galleries, art exhibitions, and to welcome more and more public concerts, dance and theatre performances. A number of performing arts troupes have a sustained local action. Besides, several cultural parks have established artist residencies where works of art rooted in their environment are born, accomplished by Taiwanese or ...

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CfP: Remembering Taiwan’s Martial Law (Australian National University) (deadline: 2020-02-21)

Remembering Taiwan’s Martial Law  憶起戒嚴
Australian Centre on China in the World, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Martial Law — 1947-1987 — lies at the heart of narratives shaping identities of the Taiwanese, criss-crossing foundations of contemporary society. Experiences of Martial Law are relived through expressions of individual and collective memories, through arts and literature, language and politics, and everyday minutia. These stories rush forth from historical prohibition, creating powerful connections with Taiwan’s living history and layering upon the present an ...

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Call for Papers: Association for Taiwan Literature 2020 Annual Conference

Writing Taiwan Literary History in the 2010s

Time: October 17-18, 2020 (Saturday and Sunday)

Venue: National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan (145 Xinda Rd., South Dist., Taichung City, 402, Taiwan)

Organizers: Association for Taiwan Literature, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and Transnational Cultural Studies, National Chung Hsing University

On account of the influence of transnational flow and internet generation, new subjects and writing styles have emerged in the field of Taiwan literature in the 2010s. As we have imagined the 1960s with modernism, 1970s with ...

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CfP: Radical Nationalism and Fascism in East Asia: New Approaches in Research (deadline: 2020-01-31)

Introduction (shortened):
Both fascism and radical nationalism has been investigated largely in the framework of national histories. Although rooted in national communities and domestic tradition, fascism is a transnational phenomenon. This is finally being recognized in historiography, as one of the main research topics in recent years has been fascist internationalism and the interactions, entanglements, and cooperation among fascist movements and regimes. But is this also the case with radical nationalism? The research is, nonetheless, mostly confined to European movements, ...

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CfA: MERICS European China Talent Program (deadline: 2020-02-07)

The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 2020 European China Talent Program (ECTP).

Now in its sixth edition, the ECTP will gather a select group of 15 European early career scholars and professionals in Berlin to discuss topical issues in European China policy with senior decision makers from politics, business and civil society. Besides having a clear China-related research and/or work record, participants are eager to deepen their understanding of China ...

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CfP: International Symposium on Global Chinese Entrepreneurship (deadline: 2020-01-08)

The 2020 International Symposium on Global Entrepreneurship, to be held at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on April 18, 2020, is organized by the UCLA Asia Pacific Center. We invite submissions of papers or abstracts on any aspect of global Chinese entrepreneurship in an international, transnational, or immigration context.

Possible topics might include (but are not limited to):

  • Theorizing immigrant/ethnic entrepreneurship
  • Historical and contemporary patterns of diasporic Chinese entrepreneurship (huashang 华商)
  • Taiwanese entrepreneurs (taishang 台商), Hong Kong entrepreneurs (gangshang 港商), and other overseas Chinese entrepreneurs ...
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CfP: Climate Movements in Comparative Perspective

Environmentalism and Populism — an uneasy relation. Climate Movements in Comparative Perspective
Special Section in Comparative Governance and Politics (ZfVP)

This Special Section wants to look deeper into the complex interplay between populism and the current environmental/climate justice movements and suggests several key questions:
1) How do populist governments and/or populist parties (left- and right-wing) react to environmental movements? What kind of strategies do they use?
2) How are environmental and climate policy goals and the defense of democracy against populism ...

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CfP: 2020 NTU International Theatre Conference

This conference is calling for papers closely related to the central theme, “the Theatre of Our Time,” and its various surrounding leitmotifs listed below:

  1. the use of technology in theatre and its aesthetics
  2. the stagecraft and design: theory and practice
  3. theatre morphology and interdisciplinary theatre studies
  4. narrative and non-narrative theatre
  5. the zeitgeist of contemporary theatre
  6. the aesthetics of contemporary theatre
  7. contemporary perspectives on traditional theatre
  8. performance and social engagement
  9. methodology and theories of theatre studies: new insights

NTU International Theatre Conference, hosted by the Department of Drama and Theatre at National Taiwan ...

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