The Korea-Germany Security Cooperation in the Far East and Indo-Pacific


The Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine marks a historic turning point for peace and security in the EU and around the world. There is growing interest in the role of NATO and the strategic compass of the EU’s Indo-Pacific policy in the face of various challenges confronting the international community, such as China’s rise to a global superpower and Russia’s security threats. On the other hand, the strategic environment in East Asia is also going through a turbulent time as the chain effect of Sino-Russo strategic cooperation affects the existing strategic calculation of the stakeholders in the region. Wrth the newty launched Yoon Suk Yeol government of the Republic of Korea expected to implement principled diplomacy toward North Korea as well as its big neighbors, geopolitical fault line is due to be clearer than ever before. In the meantime, North Korea has recently adopted a highly provocative legistration on the use of nuclear weapons that it would launch an automatic and immediate nuclear strike if it is attacked by even conventional weapons; Faced with mounting nuclear threats posed by Pyongyang regime, calls for stronger and securer deterrence against the North is getting louder and louder in South Korea. At this critical juncture, both Germany and ROK are seeking ways to expand their contribution to regional and global security architecture. Thus, it is now important more than ever to strengthen cooperation between Germany and Korea, as players sharing similar values.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hamburg, in cooperation with Helmut Schmidt University, will hold a panel discussion at the Steigenberger Hotel Hamburg on November 28th (12:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.), involving academia, think tank and others. The panel discussion will be held in English language.

If you are interested in attending this panel discussion, please send us an email at by 1st of November. For all the invited guests, lunch will be provided before the official program starts.