2019 TSP Conference Call for PGR’s


This may be of interest to PhD and post-doc researchers.

Review and Prospective, Taiwan’s future and past challenges and opportunities

A roundtable format is chosen, in line with that planned for year one, in order to provide as free a scope as possible for participants, including scholars, policy makers, and opinion leaders from various countries including those from the EU, North America and Taiwan to brainstorm and review the democratization process and social changes in Taiwan.

This year the TSP’s conference will take place on 27/28 June 2019. This invitation is not limited only to the students/junior researchers of University of Nottingham, but to all UK universities. A case by case subsidy for transportation fees for PhD and post-doc researchers will be considered. If you are interested in attending our annual conference, please contact the TSP’s administrator Mandy Felton before 1 June 2019.

Session 1

Looking into the Transformation of Taiwan’s Identity: Past, Current and Future
Speaker: Shelley Rigger (Davidson College)
Discussant: Kerry Brown (King’s College London)

Session 2
Dynamics of Taiwan’s Party politics
Speaker: Kharis Templeman (Stanford University)
Discussant: Dafydd Fell (SOAS)

Session 3
Has Taiwan consolidated the process of democratisation?
Speaker: Da-chi Liao (National Sun Yat-sen University)
Discussant: Steve Tsang (SOAS)

Session 4
Domestic economy strength: Innovation and industrial upgrading of Taiwan
Speaker: Chun-Yi Lee and Charlotte Martin (University of Nottingham)
Discussant: Mei-chih Hu (National Tsinghua University)

Session 5
Post-referendum of gender, equal marriage rights in Taiwan
Speaker: Wan-Ying Yang (National Chengchi University)
Discussant: Sarah Dauncey (University Of Nottingham)

Session 6
Challenges and/or Opportunity of Sino-Taiwan-USA relationship
Speaker: Emerson Niou (Duke University)
Discussant: Harry Harding (University of Virginia)

Session 7
Cross-Strait’s new/old economic equilibrium
Speaker: Syaru Shirley Lin (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Discussant: Gunter Schubert (University Of Tuebingen)

Session 8
Going South Again: Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries‘ relationship
Speaker: Samuel C.Y. Ku (Wenzao University)
Discussant: John Hemmings (Henry Jackson Society)

Session 9
Taiwan Theatre’s Journey Across the Strait: Challenges and Opportunities
Speaker: Mirjam Troester (University of Frankfurt)
Discussant: Jeremy Taylor (University Of Nottingham)

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