CfA: Assistant or Assistant Professor for Department of Chinese Studies


Department: Department of Chinese Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
Position:  Assistant 
Working time:  1,0
Start date:  September 1,  2023
Application deadline:  3. 3. 2023

Candidate requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Chinese Studies, Sinology, Chinese Philology or other field of study focused on Chinese language and culture 
  • Ph.D. degree (preferred) or an ongoing doctoral study with a China/Chinese-related topic
  • standard academic proficiency in English (ability to communicate fluently in English in an international academic setting – both oral communication and writing/reading)
  • ability to carry out academic research based on sources in Chinese (to be demonstrated by a published academic article or, in the case of an early stage of doctoral study, a Master’s thesis)
  • research specialization in Chinese/Sinophone literature (including pre-modern) and/or the study of Chinese societies (mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Chinese communities) is preferred, but other specializations are possible.
  • existing academic publishing record and experience of teaching at university and teaching Chinese (including outside university) is an advantage.

General duties:

  • all of the following requirements and their scope are subject to individual agreement and can be individually adjusted. It is also possible to make arrangements for reduced hours
  • teaching 3-4 courses each semester
  • academic research with publication activity (at least 1 academic article per year placed in WoS, Scopus, or otherwise demonstrating comparable quality)
  • thesis supervision
  • organizational activities (to the extent appropriate to the academic job) 

Information about the Department of Chinese Studies can be found at:

Attachments to the application:

  • motivation letter
  • structured CV with an overview of previous experience
  • proof of education
  • a published academic article or master’s thesis (a web link is sufficient if the text is publicly available)

Further Information at