CfA EUROSEAS 2015 Panel: “Transnational Mobilities into and out of Thailand”


Call for Abstracts
8th EUROSEAS Conference, Vienna
11-14 August 2015
Panel “Transnational Mobilities into and out of Thailand”

Sirijit Sunanta (Mahidol University) & Alexander Trupp (University of Vienna)

Description of Panel

This panel explores empirical and theoretical analyses of Thailand as both a source of and a destination for transnational population mobilities. Especially since the 1970s, various types of Thai migrants seeking work, income, education, romance and marriage, or individual freedom have ventured overseas and formed Thai transnational communities worldwide. At the same time, the Kingdom has received an increasing number of documented and undocumented labour migrants, refugees, displaced persons and asylum seekers, retirement migrants, international travelers, and long-stay tourists who have arrived in the already diverse Thai society. Certain forms of mobilities are approved of, even encouraged, by the Thai state while others are considered problematic at best. We seek to examine current global and local developments and the underlying spatial inequality that shape various forms of international mobilities into and out of Thailand. We pay particular attention to the ways in which social boundaries—gender, race, class and nationality—are transgressed and/or reproduced as individuals and communities cross physical borders.

Panel conveners especially seek contributions related to aspects of Thai diaspora and transnational communities, marriage migration, Thai outbound tourism, interrelations between international tourism to Thailand and Thai outbound migration, and expat life and amenity migration in Thailand.

Interested presenters are invited to submit a title, five keywords and brief abstract (not more than 250 words) to the session convenors:<> &<>

Deadline abstract submission: 15.02.2015
Notification of acceptance: 22.02.2015

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