CfP: Climate Movements in Comparative Perspective


Environmentalism and Populism — an uneasy relation. Climate Movements in Comparative Perspective
Special Section in Comparative Governance and Politics (ZfVP)

This Special Section wants to look deeper into the complex interplay between populism and the current environmental/climate justice movements and suggests several key questions:
1) How do populist governments and/or populist parties (left- and right-wing) react to environmental movements? What kind of strategies do they use?
2) How are environmental and climate policy goals and the defense of democracy against populism interrelated?
3) How populist are environmental and climate justice movements themselves?

We mainly expect contributions connecting research perspectives from comparative politics, including party politics and social movement studies, and policy analysis, which are focusing on cross-sectional and/or longitudinal comparisons. We welcome different theoretical and methodological approaches.
Submission date for Abstracts: January 17, 2020. Abstract length: max. 500 words.
Feedback Abstracts: February 7, 2020
Submission of final papers: April 17, 2020
Length of Papers: 50.000 characters (incl. including title, abstract, tables, figures, and references list)
Publication date: 2020
Please send the Abstracts to Aron Buzogány (, Hans-Joachim Lauth (, Christoph Mohamad-Klotzbach (