CfP: Conference ‘Identities on the Move: Exile, Migration, Diaspora and Representation’ (Deadline abstracts: 2021-04-12)


This conference seeks to interrogate the categories given and adopted by people on the move, adopting an intersectional approach that considers race, class, ethnic and gender issues that have been associated with mobility. The focus on identities as a theme will enable the conference to interrogate these various intersections and how they play out across time and geographies, also paying attention to the multiplicity of artistic, literary, media and linguistic representations of exile, migration and diasporas. The focus on representation will foster the study of the tensions involved in identity crisis, ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ perceptions of living outside one’s home country, and the role of language (including artistic expression) in the processes of cultural adaptation.

Topics may include, but need not be limited to:

  • The gendered nature of migration 
  • Construction of an exilic/migrant identity
  • Integral and multicultural approach to artistic, literary, linguistic and media representations of exile, migration, and diasporas
  • Re-shaping the cultural identity of the host country
  • Representations of exilic/migrant identities in art and culture
  • The impact or trauma in identity development
  • How nativist concerns have enabled populist politicians to play the race card with migration issues
  • New methodologies for the study of identity in migrant studies                                                                  

We are very delighted to announce that we will be having Olga Grjasnowa (author) and Angelina Muñiz-Huberman (poet and novelist) to give their keynote address

Proposals can be organised as individual presentation (15-20 minutes) or as panel presentations (1.5 hours maximum).

To respond to this call, please submit a 150-300 word abstract and a 100 word bio to before 12 April 2021 and titled as “Identities on the Move Abstract”.

We welcome conventional academic papers as well as visual (photographic, video, etc.) projects and other creative proposals. 

Given the current pandemic and restrictions to travel, the conference will take place in a fully virtual format on the 1st and 2nd July 2021.

The conference is organised by The UCLan Research Centre on Migration, Diaspora and Exile (MIDEX) University of Central Lancashir

Submission Deadline: 12 April 2021

Access to CFP link: Identities on the Move: Exile, Migration, Diaspora and Representation (