CfP: Online Graduate Symposium on Sichuan Religions


Sichuan Religions Online Graduate Symposium (6-7 May 2023)

The “Mapping Religious Diversity in Modern Sichuan” project, kindly sponsored by the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, is excited to announce its first online graduate symposium!

Sichuan is located at the periphery of China but also at the center of Asia; as such, it is a repository of a rich and unique history of religious and cultural practices that our project is committed to unpack, explore, and analyze also in comparative perspectives with other regions. In our research we have selected and studied communities, sites, textual productions, ritual traditions, and identified hybrid and inclusive identities as opposed to exclusive and strict labels. We have focused especially on different forms of networks, whether lineage-based or site-based, temple or god-centred, inter-religious or intra-religious. Please see our website to familiarize with the project aims and our findings so far.

We would like to enlarge our research community and especially hear from junior researchers who share our interest in Sichuan in their work. Papers presented in this first online graduate symposium will be discussed by the project core team and other scholars in the field. 

We welcome proposals on a wide range of topics related to religion and culture in Sichuan, with preference to modern developments (Qing era to today) but also including earlier eras. Proposals that examine the following sub-themes are especially welcomed:

  1. Inter-religious connections
  2. Religion and politics
  3. Religion and the environment
  4. Religion and migration
  5. Religion and gender
  6. Religious activism
  7. Religion and space, landscape, urban sphere
  8. Religion and the production and circulation of local knowledge

Abstracts should be 500 word-long, and submitted in either English or both Chinese/English. Presentations (25 minute-long) can be in either English or Chinese; in case of a Chinese presentation please write your PPT in both English and Chinese. 

Open Q&A and discussion will be mainly in English. 


24 March: deadline of abstract submission through the following google form:  

1 April: communication of selection results.

Inquiries can be sent to