Global China Research Centre Graduate and ECR Seminar Series Summer 2023 Programme


The ExGCRC graduate and ECR seminar series will be holding its second session during the University of Exeter’s 2023 summer term.  All sessions, unless otherwise noted, will be both in person and available online. In-person venues on campus TBA.

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Week 0 (26 April) 2:00 PM

Priests and Diplomats: Reconsidering Diplomacy and Russian Orthodox Religious Practice in the Late Qing and Republican China
  Dr Anastasiia Akulich (University of Manchester)
  Thomas Barrett, DPhil (University of Cambridge)

Week 1 (3 May) Noon

Contemporary Literature and Documentary Filmmaking: The Narrative Styles of Immigrant Writers and Pandemic Documentaries as a Medium of Emotional Communication
  Wang Hongying (University of Carlos III Madrid)
  Xiao Zhan (University of Exeter) 

Week 3 (17 May) 2:00 PM

Material Culture: A Comparative Study of Chinese and Mayan Pottery and Art Students’ Education in Sustainable Heritage
  Li Lu (Jingdezhen Ceramic University)
  Ning Nanke (University of Salford)

Week 5 (1 June) Noon

The Transformative Politics of Literature: Translation as a Tool of Governance in Taiwan and Orientalism in Paul Auster’s Moon Palace
  Aoife Cantrill, DPhil (University of Manchester)
  Cao Jingjing (University of Exeter)

Week 7 (14 June) 2:00 PM

Modern Literature and Archaistic Book Culture: Gu Mingdao’s Martial Heroes and the Curious Case of the Woodblock Edition of The Communist Manifesto
  Dr Chen Yiran (Fudan University)
  Dr Lara Yang (University of Freiburg)

GCRC Director:
Dr Zhuang Yue

Summer 2023 Convenors:
Dr T. C. Burnham
Ms Jingjing Cao
Ms Yang Lu
Ms Qi Zhou
Mr Wang Xiao

The ExGCRC seminar is made possible by the University of Exeter’s Department of Languages, Cultures, and Visual Studies.