Goethe University Frankfurt 2-year master program of Modern East Asian Studies (MEAS): CfA


The Goethe University Frankfurt welcomes national and international applications for its 2-year master program of Modern East Asian Studies (MEAS).

The MEAS program merges social, economic, legal and cultural perspectives which provide the analytical skills to understand and analyze contemporary developments in East Asia. Students receive training in social sciences, economics, and/or law and specialize on a particular region in East Asia. Students will be trained in methods and related research tools. In addition, the program offers a wide range of language courses in on the beginners and advanced level.

MEAS is an international research-oriented program and taught in English. It provides an interdisciplinary environment, professional training in the social sciences as well as teaching of East Asian languages and cultures. Students have the opportunity and will be actively supported to study abroad and/or to do an international internship

For more information, please consult http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/43866738/meas

or contact hausmann@econ.uni-frankfurt.de