Job Application: Four academic positions in the EU-funded project Sinophone Borderlands – Interactions at the Edges


Dear colleagues,

The Department of Asian Studies at Palacký University in Olomouc (Czech Republic) invites applications for four academic positions in the EU-funded project Sinophone Borderlands – Interactions at the Edges. We are especially interested in experts from different disciplines on China, Russia, Central and Southeast Asia. Deadline is 18 November 2018.
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Sinophone Borderlands – Interaction at the Edges

The main goal of the EU-funded Sinophone Borderlands project (2018–2022) is to create an international research team that will undertake cross-disciplinary and cross-regional dialogue to address the concept of the Sinophone world. Our research team consists of experts from several disciplines (e.g., history, linguistics, cultural studies, literature, social anthropology and political science) and who specialize in various countries and regions outside of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) (e.g., Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and the Philippines), as well as inside the PRC (e.g., Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia). They all work on individual projects that are concerned with how the Sinophone world is understood in different cases and contexts. Each project can stand alone as a serious academic endeavor while simultaneously engaging in comparative dialogue with other projects. Through this process of dialogue between disciplines and working groups, we will develop one theoretical and conceptual framework that provides researchers with insights into the complexity of the Sinophone world.

Best regards

Dr. Alfred Gerstl

Department of Asian Studies
Sinophone Borderlands – Interactions at the Edges
Palacký University
Czech Republic