Launch of Hong Kong Studies Association


The Hong Kong Studies Association is non-profit, committed to academic rigor and political neutrality. Since we are completely independent with no financial or organisational links to other organisations or institutions, we rely on a group of highly motivated and capable volunteers.

The HKSA aims at scholars and graduate students working on research projects related to Hong Kong and we strive to facilitate opportunities of meeting and exchange of ideas across disciplines on a regular basis. HKSA will be a network which promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary research on Hong Kong in Europe through events and conferences. We are planning our inaugural seminar in autumn this year, followed by one or more seminars per semester. We hope to complement the excellent work of the Society or Hong Kong Studies by adding the European focus. A key part of HKSA will be an exciting blog: Hong Kong Insights on our webpage.

Hong Kong Insights is a platform for academics to give a short summary of a journal article, book chapter or book they have written, rather than an opinion blog. We circulate rigorous and cutting-edge scholarly research in an accessible language for knowledge dissemination and impact generation beyond the academia.

We are only looking for short (750 word) contributions. Please get in touch with Gray Sergeant (SOAS) if you want to showcase your research.

Please have a look at our timely blog posts by Professor Ho Ming-sho (National Taiwan University) “The Unsettled Legacy of the Umbrella Movement” and Professor Hung Ho Fung (John Hopkins University) “Protestors Evolution and Beijing’s Constraint“

On a side note, we have been building networks and links policy circles in the UK and Europe with Hong Kong Watch. We therefore hope to be able to provide channels of impact (NGOs, parliament, and government institutions) for the HKSA community members.