Mongolei-Colloquium ONLINE, Universität Bonn (2021-04-29)


Mongolei-Colloquium Online, 29.April 2021, 12-14 Uhr

Vortragender: Dr. Gegentuul Baioud

“Producing Authenticity: Ethnic Costumes in Contemporary Inner Mongolia”

In post-Mao China, the resurgence of ethnic tradition and culture is nowhere more prominent than through the appearance of colourful and diverse ethnic bodies on display in publications, and at conferences, exhibitions and festive performances. In this talk I examine multivocal Mongolian costumes to shed light on the performance and representation of Mongolian identities in China. In particular, the talk explores the promotion of Mongolian costumes in online media spaces, in commercial cultural studios, andat state-sponsored heritage events. I argue that the discursive construction of authenticity and cultural hegemony overshadows and hierarchises heterogeneous Mongolian cultures and identities. I also find that the meanings taken on by Mongolian costumes contest and go beyond those inscribed by the state. The talk illuminates minority cultural transformation in post-Mao China and the agency of minority Mongols who reshape their evolving cultural forms.

Das Colloquium findet live via ZOOM statt.
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