New Sinology blog “Sino Spark”


Hosted by Timna Michlmayr, PhD candidate (2018- ) in Chinese Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria, the Sino Spark website is primarily intended as a blogging website that discusses recent developments relating to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. One of the goals is to make certain content accessible to readers who are interested in the website’s topics but do not have expert knowledge of China. At the same time, the overarching credo of the website is that the content is science-based. The website is NOT intended as an opportunity to simply voice opinions but rather refers to insights from research or scientific engagement with the topics covered.Personally, I will post articles, comments, or short opinion pieces on the website. Since I can’t post here full-time due to my dissertation work, the number of postings will temporarily be limited. There will also be a section where news and events related to the posted topics will be listed. In addition to my own posts, the website aims to pick up articles from colleagues and other young scientists, thereby creating a platform to enhance ‘visibility’.

An important principle of the website is to promote a diverse range of formats. A mix of longer articles, short opinion pieces, comments, and more detailed reports is not only possible but desirable.

Ultimately, the site is also about creating a network that brings together inputs from different research directions, countries, and personal perspectives.