Online research platform ‘Taiwan Academic Classics’


“National Palace Museum“ and “Academia Sinica” are rated as “two crown jewels of sinology in Taiwan”, now they are officially integrated into the platform “Taiwan Academic Classics” (TAC)! Published by UDP, the TAC platform covers from 1928 to present, most core and notable journals of humanities and social sciences, and some exclusive classical magazines, archives, historical data in Taiwan. TAC is a full text searchable platform of 3.2 billion characters and 220,000 dissertations. Based on Taiwanese scholars’ viewpoints, TAC contains the deepest, broadest, most penetrating and tolerant outlook to understand Chinese world and contemporary China. It features exclusive historical data of The Republic of China, unique humanities and art databases as well. So, please delve into sinology and modern China deeply via Taiwan Academic Classics. Click or contact for trial and more.