PhD position in Indology at Uppsala University


PhD position in Indology

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Starting 2015

Research and teaching at the Department of Linguistics and Philology cover over twenty different languages. Included are many of the important languages and cultures in the Middle East, to which can be added Hindi, Swahili, Chinese, Ancient Greek and Latin. Comparative Indo-European linguistics, compuational and general linguistics are also part of the department.

Doctoral studies extend over a 4-year period during which the PhD-student will receive a salary as an employee of the department. Doctoral students are expected to engage in full-time study and research, and contribute to and participate in the department’s activities. Teaching and/or administrative tasks may be involved (up to a maximum of 20%).

Doctoral students in Indology at Uppsala university work in a lively research environment with scholars interested in the language and literature from Rigveda to the current South Asia. For this position we are looking primarily for a candidate who is interested in working with modern South Asian languages, especially Hindi with a linguistic or literary specialization. The proposed doctoral project must be described in a research plan attached to the application.

The following application form is to be used for the PhD study programme 2015 in the department:

Please attach a CV and any documentation of academic exams, academic dissertations and articles together with a draft description of the planned research project (ca. 4-5

pages) to the application. Note that a MA in Indology or in South Asian Studies is required for the position.

Further information on the departments PhD programme can be found on its English website ( ). The detailed study plan is in Swedish, but knowledge of Swedish is not required for the position.

Rules and regulations for the PhD study programme is found in the Act of Higher Education (Högskoleförordningen 5 kap 1-7§§, 6 kap 26-36§§ and  7 kap 34-36§§) and in the university rules and regulations ( ).

Local guidelines for salary placement.

Please feel free to contact Heinz Werner Wessler ( ), director of studies Mats Eskhult ( , tel 018-471 7379), or faculty officer in charge of educational programmes Lars Hagborg ( , tel

018-471 1907) for further information.

Applications should reach Uppsala by 31 January 2015 at the latest, UFV-PA 2014/2867. Use the link below to access the application form.

PhD position in Indology

We decline offers of recruitment and advertising help. We only accept the application the way described in the advertisement.