Serie: Einführung in die Sicherheitspolitik Ostasiens


Martin Wagener


This introductory article on East Asian security policy will appear in three parts. The first two will sketch important issue areas and outline major developments and trends. The focus will be on questions of regional order: What does security in East Asia depend on? Who creates it? Who threatens it? Part 1 discusses theoretical approaches and applies them to the Far East. The great powers of East Asia will be introduced, as will the interstate conflicts on the Korean Peninsula, in the Taiwan Strait, and in the South China Sea. Part 2 employs a broad understanding of security, including domestic and transnational challenges (such as insurgency, terrorism, and piracy), “human security, ” but also the interplay between economic developments and security policy. The article proceeds to discuss regional integration, the security architecture of East Asia, and the prospects of a “Pacific century” taking place. Part 3 then provides an annotated overview of books, edited volumes, and articles representing the state of the art on security policy in East Asia and introduces the reader to a wide range of research tools.

Keywords: Theorie, Sicherheitspolitik, Militär, Streitkräfte, Ostasien, Pazifik, USA, China, Japan, Russland, Korea, Taiwan, Südchinesisches Meer, Guerilla, Terroristen, Piraten, Ökonomie, regionale Integration, ASEAN, Sicherheitsarchitektur

Teil 1 , in: ASIEN 127 (April 2013), S. 133–138

Teil 2 , in: ASIEN 128 (Juli 2013), S. 133–145

Teil 3 , in: ASIEN 129 (Oktober 2013), S. 181–199