The Nordic countries‘ relations with the DPR Korea


Turku University cordially invites you to join the webinar “Exploring the Nordic Countries‘ relations with DPR Korea”, on 24 November 2023.

Fifty years ago, the Nordic countries established diplomatic relations with the DPR Korea, with Finland simultaneously recognizing the Republic of Korea. In this webinar, we explore the Nordic countries’ relations with North Korea with a focus on Finland, Norway and Sweden. Particular attention will be paid to the time period of normalization, actors campaigning for recognition of the DPR Korea and the early years of bilateral relations.

Date & time: 24 Nov 2023 (Fri), 12:15-15:00 (CET)

Venue: Zoom. Register here for Zoom Webinar. Meeting ID: 649 9957 3648; Passcode: 265725

Session I:

Vladimir Tikhonov (University of Oslo): North Korea in Norway: Relationship, Images, and Realities

Sonja Häussler (Stockholm University): Swedish and Korean intellectuals‘ campaigning for the recognition of the DPRK

 ** break**

Session II:

Ulv Hanssen (Soka University), Erik Isaksson (FU Berlin), Magnus Hilding Lundström (Swedish Defense College/UI): Business, politics and global change: the roots of Sweden-DPRK normalization

Sabine Burghart and Ville Sava (Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Turku): Finland’s neutrality policy, the (North) Korea question, and interests

The full programme and speaker bios can be found here.