The Philippines in the 21st Century Asia: Retrospect and Prospect – The 5th Philippine Studies Conference in Japan


Philippine studies have been in the interphases of various intellectual efforts. As a part of area studies, most of the scholars engaging in Philippine studies appreciate multidisciplinary approaches and are open to discussion beyond national borders. Since the first Philippine Studies Conference in Japan (PSCJ) in 2006, we have cultivated this tradition of multidisciplinary approaches with international settings.

While Philippine society has become globalized, academia has gradually broadened its eyesight into two frontiers: multispecies ethnography and international relations. The PSCJ steering committee appreciate s the pioneering work of Tsurumi Yoshiyuki’s Banana and the Japanese (1982) and further studies on sea cucumber, whales, or a new generation of banana studies, which are arguably a part of multispecies ethnography in Anthropocene.

Meanwhile, the rise of China has brought international relations back into area studies. While more and more researchers have discussed Philippine foreign policy with geopolitical frameworks, they have not sufficiently collaborated with Filipinists. Such collaboration may generate new intellectual frontiers for both kinds of scholars. These are, of course, only segments of academic disciplines the PSCJ 2022 will cover. Since the COVID 19 pandemic started in early 2020, we have faced new challenges and revisited the old issues with new lenses.

The conference will be held in-person at Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo. In addition, all the sessions can be attended via ZOOM. The Zoom URL will be posted at this website right before the conference. Please take note that all the schedules are in Japan Standard Time.