Vienna Taiwan Lectures in January 2015


Coming January 2015, the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies and the Department of East Asian Studies/ Sinology at the University of Vienna will host guest lecturers from Taiwan and from Denmark.

We invite to the lectures of

Yang Wan-Ying, NCCU, Taiwan on 14 January 2015, on:  Women’s Movement and Gender Value Changes in Taiwan


Michael Rudolph, University of Southern Denmark, on 21 January 2015 on:  Taiwan’s Indigenous Activism in Transition: From ‘Counter-Hegemonic Presbyterian Aboriginality’ to the ‘Bureaucratization of Indigeneity’ .

The Lectures begin 18.15  o’clock at SIN 1, Sinology, Spitalgasse 2 Court 2 Entrance 2.3

The Vienna Taiwan Lectures on the annual topic of “Civil Movement(s): History, Culture and Legacy ” will be continued in the Summer term 2015 from March till June 2015 with Lectures from Ming-Yeh Rawnsley,   Simona Grano, Julia Ritric, Henning Kloeter and Jens Damm.