Webinar Series: Fieldwork Research Methods and Ethics in the Study of China


Online: Every second Thursday of the month, from 14:00 to 16:00 (CET)
Zoom link: https://unige.zoom.us/j/62089192980?pwd=ZVV1WkRCWnNjdTA4bU9aa0FkVzlrdz09


Pascale Bugnon (UNIGE); Léo Maillet (UNIGE, EHESS)

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Contact: research@convergencechina.ch


Research in the social sciences on “China” and topics related to this vast object of study confront scholars with numerous practical difficulties, little discussed in the dedicated literature and in the methodological courses.

This monthly webinar proposes to address recent debates on epistemological and methodological tools, and to examine them in the light of empirical field experiences. Through historical, sociological and anthropological investigations, the aim will be to identify concrete issues and propose critical approaches to reflect on them.

In this perspective, each session will be dedicated to one specific topic such as fieldwork failures; language issues; digital ethnography; fieldwork under surveillance; archival research; collective field enquiry; etc. Drawing on case studies presented by PhD students, scholars and professors who have conducted fieldwork in China, we will raise issues of methodology and ethics through collective reflexivity.

October 13 – 14:00-16:00

Fieldwork Failures: Practical Examples of What Can Go Wrong During Fieldwork, and How to Overcome It
Organisers: Pascale Bugnon (UNIGE) & Léo Maillet (UNIGE – EHESS)

November 17 – 14:00-16:00

Understanding Body Movements in Order to Record Them: Engaging with Sounds and Images During and After Fieldwork
Organiser: Pierrick Porchet (UNIGE)

December 8 – 14:00-16:00

Internal Mobility Dynamics in Modern China: Analysing the Social Interactions Between Floating People and Local Communities
Organisers: Chen Yali (UNIGE) & Ozan Şahin (UNIGE)

February 9 – 14:00-16:00 

Language Issues: Assessing the Challenges of Learning Local Languages and Dialects for Research Purposes
Organisers: Yinhui Bao (UNIGE) & Léo Maillet (UNIGE – EHESS)