Workshop on Podcasts and the Global Sinosphere


April 22-23, 2023
Duke University and on-line (bilingual event)

April 22, 9:00-9:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time (9:00-9:50 PM Taiwan/China)
Chair: Eileen Cheng-yin Chow 周成蔭 (Duke)

Keynote talk: MA Shih-Fang 馬世芳 (in Chinese)
‘Lend Me Your Ears’: My Stories in Sound 一個播音員的自述

April 22 10:00-11:30 AM EDT (10:00-11:30 PM Taiwan/China)
Roundtable with Chinese-language podcasters (in Chinese) 
Chair: Linshan Jiang 蒋林珊 (Duke)

Panelists (and representative podcast):

CHANG Cheng 張正 (燦爛時光)
LIAO Yun-chang 廖雲章 (天下雜誌 /天下獨評)
KOU Aizhe 寇爱哲  (故事FM)
Zhiqi (随机波动 StochasticVolatility)
Ina YANG (疲惫娇娃 CyberPink)

April 23, 1:00-2:30 PM EDT (April 24, 1:00-2:30 AM Taiwan/China)
Ahmadieh Family Conference Hall, Franklin Center 240 (Duke University)

Chair: Carlos Rojas (Duke)

Panel on Podcasting and the Global Sinosphere (in English)


Eileen Cheng-yin Chow (Duke)
“Sound Travels: On Sonic Confinement and Sonic Mobilities in Diaspora”

Shiqi Lin (UC Irvine) 
“Making Dialogue with the World: Living as In-Betweeners through Pandemic Chinese Podcasting”

Jing Wang (University of Pennsylvania)
“Lockdown Sound Diaries: Podcasting and the Mediation of Trauma during COVID-19”

Linshan Jiang (Duke)
Gleaners: Autoethnography of Making Podcast in the Global Sinosphere”


APSI working groups on Translating Asia and Digital Asia, CAH Forum, APSI, and the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation Inter-University Center for Sinological Studies.

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